Soothing and enriching, Baby Blanket Music is here . . .

Baby Blanket Music takes your favorite songs from your favorite artists and arranges them just right so that now they can be your baby’s favorites too! Whether singing along softly, cruising quietly in the car, or lulling to sleepy slumber, this is the perfect way to share your music with your little one.

Developed under the guidance of a wide range of doctors, teachers and child development specialists, and approved by babies and parents of all ages, Baby Blanket Music is designed to soothe while enhancing the enjoyment and cognition of music.

Familiar baby sounds like vibraphones and music boxes are paired with a full medley of rich, classical instruments including strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps and soft percussion. Together, these instrumental arrangements create gentle textures that are calming and enjoyable to ears of any age!

Today, the Baby Blanket Music collection features soothing lullaby arrangements of songs made famous by The Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks, Simon & Garfunkel and more.

           Who's next? You tell us!

Enjoyed by babies, parents and grandparents worldwide, Baby Blanket Music has arrived.
    What is your baby listening to?